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Welcome to Longnecker Equestrian

If you're interested in riding lessons, horse training, or joining the show team, this is the place for you. Keep scrolling for more information

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About Christine

At the age of 8, Christine threw her leg over a horse and never looked back. Although her true passion is Eventing, she also has competition and training experience in pure Dressage and Hunter/Jumpers, as well as experience in Western disciplines such as Gaming and Sorting/Penning. Christine has a traditional, C3 rating through the United States Pony Club and years of experience training and working with national and international Eventers, Jumpers, and Dressage trainers. She has taken her 25 years in the horse community and her 17 years in the professional world and combined all of her experiences to create  - and continue to develop - the most thoughtful, compassionate program she can.


Christine prides herself on an animal-conscious, ground-up approach to riding and horsemanship, and makes sure all of her clients learn how to be well rounded horsemen and horsewomen, focusing on how to interact with the horse on the ground and in the saddle. Whether you trust your horse in training with her, you’d like to join her show team, or you’re interested in weekly lessons, you can be sure that Christine is dedicated to both the horse and your happiness together as a team.

Christine, Prelim Cross Country
Christine, Dressage


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To reach out about riding lessons, horse training, or joining the Longnecker Equestrian show team, please contact Christine through her social media profiles, phone, or email.


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