Lessons & Training


Christine is a firm believer in a “ground up” approach to riding and training, and this starts with good horsemanship skills. An emphasis is put on well-balanced horse care and management, understanding horse behavior/psychology, and groundwork techniques.

For riding lessons, this means students start by learning about horses and horse body language through the unmounted interactions of grooming and tacking. Clients then move to mounted work which takes both horse and rider welfare into account to create a positive learning environment. For young riders or those just starting out, these will be basic techniques to make both horse and rider comfortable with one another and encourage learning. As riders advance, these techniques continue to grow and develop as skills improve.

When it comes to horse training,  Christine understands that each horse is different and, like people, has a unique personality and set of circumstances. Through an honest assessment of the horse’s current situation, Christine works to create a training schedule which will aid in the development of a well-rounded, well-adjusted, and well-trained horse.